"Celestial Objects 132"   acrylic on canvas,   80x60x2cm

"Space Landscapes 58"   acrylic on canvas,    70x50x2cm

"Un Bel Di, Vedremo" (One Fine Day We'll See...)     acrylic on canvas,   60x50x2cm

"Journey To The Past"   acrylic on canvas,   143x104.5x5cm

"Transformations 6"   acrylic on canvas, 80x60cm

  • VISIONI di viaggio

    international group exhibition,
    MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

  • VISIONI exhibition

    photo: Artexpertise
    MERLINO Gallery

"Dark Entries 27"   acrylic on canvas,    50x40cm

"Dark Entries 28"   acrylic on canvas,    50x40cm

ART & CRAFT  international group exhibition, 21-31/01/2019

"Space Landscapes 46"   acrylic on canvas,  175x155,5x5cm

"Storms 7"   acrylic on canvas,   70x50cm

"Transmigrations 6"   acrylic on canvas,  70x50cm

ART MARKET  international group exhibition,   08-18/01.2019    MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"Space Landscapes 57 - Arsenal Of Democracy"  acrylic on canvas,  150x150x5cm

"Celestial Objects 20"    acrylic on canvas,    70x50cm

"Space Landscapes 11" on multimedia screen at MAD Gallery Milano...

(photo: MAD Gallery Milano)


ART SYMPOSIUM - FESTA DI NATALE IN GALLERIA  international group exhibition, 22-29.12.2018  MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"Borderline"  acrylic on canvas, 105x100x5cm

"Space Landscapes 52"   acrylic on canvas, 70x68x5cm