"Uncharted Territories 5"  acrylic on canvas, 195x181x5cm

ESTATE IN GALLERIA  International group exhibition  09.07.-16.07/2019 MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"Composition 24 & 25"  acrylic on canvas, 504x175x5cm  (as diptych)

"Situations 3"   acrylic on canvas, 195x181x5cm

"Composition 27" acrylic on canvas, 200x175x5cm

"Composition 20" acrylic on canvas, 160x160x5cm

"Composition 9"   acrylic on canvas,  201x171x5cm


    International group exhibition 01.07.-08.07/2019 MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy


    International group exhibition 18.06.-30.06./2019 MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy


    International group exhibition 10.06.-17.06./2019 MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"For The End Of Time" acrylic on canvas,  380x170x5cm

"The Elements"  acrylic on canvas,  395x173x5cm

"Mythical Dream"   acrylic on canvas,   200x170x5cm

"Uncharted Territories 9"   acrylic on canvas,   252x141.5x5 cm

"The Ocean Of Yes And No"   acrylic on canvas,  301x147.5x5cm

"The Four Ages Of Man", acrylic on canvas,  300x150x5cm

"Composition 2"   acrylic on canvas, 190x149.5x5cm

"Composition 30" acrylic on canvas, 133,7x104,5x5cm

"Composition 43" acrylic on canvas, 134x105x5cm

"Composition 36"  acrylic on canvas, 110x94,5x5cm