"The Garden Of Earthly Delights"  acrylic on canvas,  105x100cm

Left: "Sound Waves 11 (Mantra)"    Right: "Space Landscapes 51"

"Rāgas 11"  acrylic on canvas, 100x81cm

Left: "Integration 11", 70x50cm   Right: "Integration 71", 80x60cm

"Space Ladscapes 44"    200x103.5cm

"Intimate Impressions 53", 70x68cm, L          "Intimate Impressions 51", 105x100cm, R       (Click on the photo to enlarge)

"Space Landscapes 3"  150x100cm

"Dark Entries 4", 50x40cm  

"Empreintes",  90x90cm

"Pastime Paradise", 105x100cm

"Vortex Temporum" acrylic on canvas, 105x100cm


"How Is It (We Are Here)"   acrylic on canvas,  70x68cm

"Finding Shore"  acrylic on canvas,  70x50cm

"Nefertiti"   acrylic on canvas, 80x60cm 

"Lonely Stretch"  acrylic on canvas,  80x60cm

"Composition 15"  acrylic on canvas,  50x40cm