"Celestial Objects 9", "Space Landscapes 6", "Interstellar Clouds 6", "Interstellar Clouds 10", "Interstellar Clouds 30" (left to right)

ART IN A CITY FLORENCE    international group exhibition, 15-23.10.2018.   MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"Le Banquet Céleste"   acrylic on canvas, 250x141x5cm 


You can see my works at international group exhibition "ARTE PREZIOSA" that's going on in MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy from 17.09. 'till 01.10. 2018

"Space Landscapes 49"   acrylic on canvas,  301x147.5cm   

"REBEL ART" international group exhibition that I am a part of , MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy 03-15/9/2018

"Space Landscapes 52"   acrylic on canvas, 70x68cm

"Space Landscapes 47"  acrylic on canvas, 150,5x170cm        

ART SHOWROOM 2018   international group exhibition
MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"Reflection On Creation And Space"   acrylic on canvas,  301x147.5cm

"Pastime Paradise", acrylic on canvas, 105x100cm

"VISIONARIO" international group exhibition - MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy,  25.06.-07.07.2018

From my studio...

"Borderline"  acrylic on canvas, 105x100cm

  • "Sound Waves 6"

    acrylic on canvas, 90x70cm

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  • "Sound Waves 7"

    acrylic on canvas, 90x70cm

"Fearful Symmetries " acrylic on canvas,  170x150,5cm          

"The Enchanted Forest"   acrylic on canvas,   105x100cm,    inspired by F. Geminiani - "La Foresta Incantata"