VISIONI  international group exhibition,   02-12/02/2019    MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"Space Landscapes 59 - The Unanswered Question"    acrylic on canvas,   150x150x5cm

ART MARKET  international group exhibition,   08-18/01.2019    MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"Borderline"   acrylic on canvas,   105x100x5cm

"Space Landscapes 49"   acrylic on canvas,  301x147.5cm

ART SYMPOSIUM - FESTA DI NATALE IN GALLERIA  international group exhibition, 22-29.12.2018  MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

From my studio...

TESORI RIVELATI  international group exhibition, 10-20.12.2018   MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

FANTASIA  international group exhibition, 19-26.11.2018   MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

"Space Landscapes 11" on multimedia screen at MAD Gallery Milano...

(photo: MAD Gallery Milano)


"Paradise Lost"  acrylic on canvas,  301x146,5x5cm,    inspired by music of Krzysztof Penderecki's Adagietto (from opera "Paradise Lost")

"LO SGUARDO dell'artista"  international group exhibition, 24.10.-03.11.2018   MERLINO Gallery, Florence, Italy

Working on "Space Landscapes 49"...

"Reflection On Creation And Space"  acrylic on canvas,  301x147,5x5cm,     inspired by music of Alice Coltrane - "Reflection On Creation And Space"